Face Paint, Animal Noises, Paper Trees, and Dancing Giraffes.

I can easily say Walk the Moon is currently the biggest band on my mind. Blossoming from the streets of Cincinnati, they are enthralling people across the globe; awing listeners with all that they do. The band managed to self-release an album, tour extensively, and appear at two of the nation’s biggest music festivals last year (Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza) without the support of a label. This year, Walk the Moon signed with RCA and put out their “first” self-titled album. Consisting of danceable melodies, catchy choruses, and life-affirming lyrics; Walk the Moon was easily added to my list of most prominent albums of 2012.

The album switches from up tempo percussive instrumentalism to atmospheric soundscapes of echoing beats; with the soaring vocals of Nicholas Petricca making the transitions from song to song even sweeter. Their song composition is impeccable for inciting dance parties and rowdy sing-a-longs.  The starting drum sequence of “Quesadilla,” the falsetto vocals of “Shiver Shiver,” and the powerful synths of “Fixin’” were all notable highlights of the album.

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of seeing these fine gentlemen perform live with a few of my friends. The joy and excitement these guys exude in their performance is completely infectious. They may or may not have induced a full-on dance party for the rest of the week. The concert was pure fun, and it consisted of everything there is to love about Walk the Moon: craziness, color, and excessive amounts of face paint (is there such a thing as too much face paint?) And, let’s not forget…amazing musical talent. Their constant energy was completely addictive, and left the audience buzzing at the end.

In October, the band released the video for their song, “Tightrope.” To introduce the video on Twitter, the band wrote: “Face paint, animal noises, paper trees, dancing giraffes. We bring you TIGHTROPE!” “Tightrope” is a clear representation of all that is Walk the Moon. Creative and colorful, the video, just like everything Walk the Moon releases, will make viewers want to cover their faces with paint and dance through the night.

“Tightrope” video:

For more on Walk the Moon and their music:




  1. I love Walk the moon! I went to their Cincy concert at the Madison and it was the greatest ever!! Did I see you there?

    1. We went together, silly.

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