The Whales Are Coming!

January 2013 is going to be a month of excitement for the Freelance Whales fans of the Eastern United States. On Friday, November 16, the New York based band announced the dates for their 2013 winter tour. Starting in New Jersey and ending in Washington, D.C.; the band will be traveling along the Eastern side of the country for the month.

Last month, the band released their sophomore album entitled, Diluvia. Featuring songs even more eerily beautiful than that of their last album (Weathervanes); Diluvia leaves the listener filled with jittering excitement for more. The band shows that they have an even more wide spread of talents than they previously let on.

The band’s previous album, Weathervanes, was more be-fitting to their origin as New York City buskers, with acoustic guitars, banjos, bass drums, and glockenspiels; but now with a record deal under their toes they have entered a situation with more room to expand. Diluvia mixes choral chanting, waving synthesizers, plucky banjos, and vigorous percussion to create a sound that is at sometimes so chaotic, and at others sickeningly sweet. On the song “Spitting Image” lead singer, Judah Dadone steps down, and features bass player, Doris Cellar’s previously background vocals. Cellar’s voice adds a sweetness to the band’s dynamic that was much less apparent in the past. Freelance Whales has evolved and matured with Diluvia, all the while, never straying from their roots. With great success, Diluvia avoids the common and unfortunate sophomore album slump by a landslide.

The video for “Spitting Image”:

Freelance Whales’ January 2013 Tour Dates:

Jan. 15: Hoboken, NJ

Jan. 16: Montreal, Canada

Jan. 17: Toronto, Canada

Jan. 18: Pontiac, MI

Jan. 19: Chicago, IL

Jan. 20: Columbus, OH

Jan. 22: Birmingham, AL

Jan. 24: Orlando, FL

Jan. 25: Pensacola, Fl

Jan. 26: Athens, GA

Jan. 27: Charlottesville, VA

Jan. 29: Brooklyn, NY

Jan. 30: Hamden, CT

Jan. 31: Harrisburg, PA

Feb. 1: Wilmington, DE


For more on Freelance Whales and their music:


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  1. EHRMEGERD! soooooooo excited!

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