Break Up Ads

On November 13th VH1 released the new music video, “Hard for You” by independent artist, Theo Katzman. Last November, Katzman released his first album, Romance Without Finance. It would only seem fitting to celebrate its month anniversary with an imaginative and whimsical music video.

The basis for the “Hard for You” video is, ‘what if you had to walk around and see your ex on billboards and advertisements?’ It begins with Katzman’s girlfriend leaving him for a guy who makes more money and seems more professional than he does. As she goes through her day, traveling through New York; she continually finds herself running into ads with Katzman as its feature. The idea all came from video director, Liann Kaye. Kaye told VH1, “One day I was riding the subway, when I looked up and saw one of my friends from college on a billboard! It was crazy, and for the next month, I’d take the train to work and see him every day. Around the same time, I was listening to Theo’s song and brainstorming narratives about exes when it popped into my head, ‘How hard would it be if you had to look at your ex-boyfriend on that billboard every single day?’ ”  While watching the video, it’s easy to identify various popular advertisements- Kaye even referenced her college friend’s (Darren Criss) UNIQLO billboard. Katzman goes from being featured in a fake Apple ad to dawning nothing but a red sheet in a faux Vanity Fair ad. While, Katzman’s previous video, “Brooklyn,” was more laid back and sweet; “Hard For You” hits the idea of the fairly common reaction from a serious breakup- jealousy- in a comedic way.

“Hard for You” video:

“Brooklyn” video:

For more info on Theo Katzman or his music go to:


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