Frightened Rabbit is Alive Now

Earlier this year Frightened Rabbit released a new EP, then followed up with a month long United States tour; but they’re not finished yet.”Dead Now” is the first look at Frightened Rabbits’ forthcoming 2013 full-length album, Pedestrian Verse, recorded in South Wales with producer Leo Abrahams. (Abrahams co-wrote Strange Overtones on David Byrne and Brian Eno’s Everything that Happens Will Happen Today, so the odds are likely in favor of this being one to remember.)

In September, the Scotland based band released a new EP entitled State Hospital. The EP, in my personal opinion, seemed not quite as eye catching compared to their previous work. The forthcoming LP, Pedestrian Verse (to be released in February of 2013) looks to be more along the lines of the prevailing anthem format that has always defined the sound of Frightened Rabbit; something to be excited about.

“Dead Now” seems to leave behind the bands somewhat minimalistic aura of their first studio album, The Midnight Organ Fight. The new single is not overwhelming and dark like that of their first album. It is beautifully produced and layered, but keeps the powerful anthem feel that Frightened Rabbit is known for usually having. However, the song does feel smaller than their past rave-ups.  “Dead Now” is more intimate and inviting towards the listener. They filmed the video while on the road during their last U.S. tour, which adds even more to the vibe. Having now heard the first single, Frightened Rabbit’s Pedestrian Verse writes itself on my short list of most anticipated albums of 2013 in the most permanent of markers.

“Dead Now” video:

Pedestrian Verse track list:

  1. “Acts Of Man”
  2. “Backyard Skulls”
  3. “Holy”
  4. “The Woodpile”
  5. “Late March, Death March”
  6. “December’s Traditions”
  7. “Housing (In)”
  8. “Dead Now”
  9. “State Hospital”
  10. “Nitrous Gas”
  11. “Housing (Out)”
  12. “Oil Slick”

For more on Frightened Rabbit and their music:


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  1. coool post. i love this band but never knew anything about them, learned something new today!

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