Throwback: Ziggy Stardust, The Rise and Fall

So, I listen to an abundance of music from every generation and era, and I thought why not talk about that on this blog, as well. Starting with this post, I will be writing once or twice a month about an aspect or album of bands /artists from the past. The subject of my first post is easily my favorite person to ever live. From psychedelic folk to glam rock to art rock; he is my king. The incredible…

David Bowie.

David Bowie entered the glam rock scene with more power and charisma than any other musician. Taking on his “alter ego” Ziggy Stardust; he dyed his hair red and dressed in a striking costume of various colors. Bowie began his Ziggy Stardust stage show with the Spiders from Mars in February 1972. The show was widely popular and catapulted him to stardom as he went on tour throughout the UK. It created somewhat of a Bowie cult-like following that had never really been seen before. Sure, the Beatles and other various artists had fans or groupies; but this was a group of people that went so far to copy every aspect of life or really anything that Bowie said or did. Ziggy Stardust’s influence had been more creative and wide spread than perhaps almost any other force within the pop fandom at the time.In June of ’72, Bowie’s album The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust was released, combining the hard rock elements with lighter experimental rock and pop. The album along with “Starman” (issued as a single in April before the album) brought about Bowie’s breakout in the UK. The single and album both charted very rapidly. The album remained on the charts for two consecutive years.

David Bowie released his follow up album, Aladdin Sane (sometimes called Ziggy Stardust two)in 1973. The album quickly topped the charts, becoming Bowie’s first number one album. Containing songs he wrote while traveling across the United States during the Ziggy Stardust tour, Bowie described the album as “Ziggy goes to America.”

Eventually, Bowie began having trouble keeping “David Bowie” and “Ziggy Stardust” separate in his mind and decided it was time to move onto new things. Bowie toured and gave press conferences as Ziggy before a dramatic on-stage retirement of the persona at London’s Hammersmith Odeon on July 3, 1973.

Video of “Ziggy Stardust”:

For more on David Bowie and his music:


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  1. he even looks like a rock star

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