Turn on the Bright Lights…again.


It’s been ten years since New York based post-punk revival band, Interpol released their first full length LP, Turn on the Bright Lights. That being said, on December 11th the band has decided to release a tenth anniversary edition of their first LP. Bound in a hardbound book of around 28 pages for vinyl and 48 pages for the CD, Turn on the Bright Lights: the Tenth Anniversary Edition willinclude unreleased photos, a DVD, and a second disc of bonus tracks— formerly unreleased tracks, as well as the demos of the regular album tracks, and B-sides.


Unfortunately, I hadn’t heard this album until two years ago, as per suggestion from my Latin teacher. However, as soon as I did it was added to my list of favorite albums. Although, I was too young during the time of the album’s creation to really understand the world in which the lyrics were referring to, I can still attempt to understand them now. The band is often times compared to the 1970’s post-punk band Joy Division. In some ways, rightfully so, as singer Paul Banks sings with the same downcast and dramatic flair as that of Joy Division’s Ian Curtis had, as well as similar sounds in the music alone. However, Joy Division played mostly minimalist, melancholy punk music; while Interpol although bleak, is somewhat uplifting and is punk only in ethic. With harsh, restrained outbursts of aggression conjoined with disturbing imagery as Paul Banks gasps, “You’ll go stabbing yourself in the neck.” the track “Obstacle 1” is the closest to Joy Division that Interpol ever gets. The lead guitar is a counterpoint, giving these disconcerting lyrics added depth, just as Ian Curtis’ emotional collapses were made more poignant by the fragile guitar that cradled them. All in all, Interpol is its own band with incredible work that more than deserves a tenth anniversary reissue.

Music Video for “Obstacle 1”:

For info on Interpol and their music visit:



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