The M83 Trilogy

In the past few months French synth pop band M83 has been releasing their series of three connected sci-fi music videos. Finally the trilogy has been completed with the release of the video “Wait.” The star gazing sci-fi trilogy has an aura of space and mystery that is not very surprising coming from a band named after the spiral galaxy Messier 83. Watching the three videos consecutively is even better than waiting for the next one to be released. M83’s album “Hurry Up We’re Dreaming” is what member Anthony Gonzalez says is “built as a soundtrack, as an imaginary film.” Well with the release of these videos, the album is brought to life in a no longer imaginary film. “Midnight City” features telekinetic children trying to escape a boarding school and test their powers in an abandon warehouse. “Reunion” continues the story of the group of children and their psychic abilities as they are pursued by their shadowy handlers in an attempt to recover them. The final piece, “Wait” was used “to re-connect with a meaningful subject that would have an echo in today’s world— the promise of a new cycle, seen through the kid’s eyes.” said video directors Fleur and Manu.

M83 is the electronic/ shoegaze music project of French artist Anthony Gonzalez. Gonzalez formed the group with Nicholas Fromageau in 2001. Shortly after their first tour, Fromageau decided to leave the group; leaving Gonzalez recording on his own, sometimes with the help of his brother and various friends.

Here is a playlist containing the full trilogy:

“Midnight City,” “Reunion,” and “Wait”:

For more info on M83 and their music:


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