Tim Burton’s Holiday Soundtracks

With the arrival of Christmas brings Christmas movies and their incredible soundtracks. While many Christmas films contain the classic holiday favorites as their soundtrack, there are a few that bend the rules and end up being left in the dust.

Tim Burton’s film soundtracks are always guaranteed to be incredible (I mean with a composer like Danny Elfman, of course they are), but there are two that always seem to stick out in my mind during these long winter months. Obviously, we have The Nightmare Before Christmas— a film that I personally believe must be viewed at both Halloween and Christmas. The soundtrack is spooky yet cheery, and is easy to sing along too. While, many of the scores tracks lean more towards that spooky, creepy Hallows Eve side; various tracks turn the opposite direction. Songs such as “What’s This?” and “Christmas Eve Montage” are filled with the bright sound of sleigh bells and holiday cheer that we all know and love.

“What’s This?”:

Sticking with the Tim Burton trend, there’s the soundtrack for the beloved film, Edward Scissorhands. In all technicalities, this is not a Christmas film; however, the story all begins with a little girl asking her grandmother about how the snow in their town is created and the climax of the film is during the holiday season; so, I think that should count it as a Christmas film. Anyways, this particular score always appears on my Christmas playlists. Each track is more entrancing then the prior. The main theme, as well as the track “Ice Dance” are both very befitting to the Christmas. This score could easily make your imaginations draw up snow falling from the skies with its elegant strings and music box esc sound.

The full Edward Scissorhands score:


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