A Decade Has Passed and Now Bowie Is Back…


It’s been ten years since the release of David Bowie’s last album, Reality. Ten years to long. Finally, on Tuesday, January 8, the day of his 66th birthday, it was announced that David Bowie would be releasing a new album in March of this year. Being the avid Bowie fan that I am, I totally freaked out. Along with the incredible announcement came the music video for the first single, “Where Are We Now?” along with the album cover art. The album, entitled The Next Day, cover art is interesting to say the least. It takes the single art from his 1977 release “Heroes” and strikes a black line through the original title and covers Bowie’s face with a white box with the new album title.

“Heroes”:                                                                                     The Next Day:

heroes_0    music-david-bowie-the-next-day-album-cover

It is somewhat ironic that David Bowie’s first single after ten years is called “Where Are We Now?” considering that for the past decade everyone was wondering where he was. It is has been contemplated that he had finally retired, but obviously (and thankfully) that is not the case. “Where Are We Now?” is a somewhat sever change for Bowie. The man always known to take on some sort of odd persona has taken on one that no one would have ever expected from him. “Where Are We Now?” is not flashy Bowie, impervious Bowie, rock god Bowie, debonair Bowie or any in between. The simplest explanation for his newest persona is human Bowie. It’s perhaps an odd place for such an untouchable icon to be — but, somehow, the persona suits him well. As always without having heard it, I know that The Next Day is going to be an incredible album for all to hear.

Video of “Where Are We Now?”:

For more on David Bowie and his music:



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