Next Stop: Bleached


It has been a little while since Bleached has released any new tunes (their last release came out in 2011) but on January 8th the sister duo of Jennifer and Jessica Clavin released a new track. The song “Next Stop” is the latest single off their upcoming debut LP Ride Your Heart which is set to be released on April 2nd of this year via Dead Oceans Records.


Before Bleached, both of the Clavin sisters were members of the Los Angeles all girl punk band Mika Miko, with Jessica on bass and Jennifer on vocals, guitar, and keys. In 2009, the band decided to disband do to school and other various projects. After, the defunct of Mika Miko I tried to keep up with any new work the five separated members put out and finally in 2011 came Bleached. I was hooked from their very first release, a garage-pop single entitled “Electric Chair”, the B-side to that year’s Searching through the Past 7″. The band is almost like a melodic mix of punk and surf rock- their Los Angeles origin also flying free. Their new track “Next Stop” is a pleasant continuation of that aesthetic, with slightly more restrained vocals and some seriously hard-hitting drum fills. The girls can obviously be compared to their past counterpart Mika Miko, but I feel that they have a feel more like a mix between The Drums and The Dum Dum Girls- like a summer in the sun with a group of angry college age feminists. However, I suppose the comparison isn’t the best, Mika Miko was very feminist oriented but Bleached is more surf pop about love and “baby won’t you please come back to me.” Okay, new comparison- The Zombies meet Blondie, that seems more befitting, but anyways Ride Your Heart will surely be awesome surfy pop music to dance around your house to.


Listen to Bleached’s new single “Next Stop”:

For more on Bleached and their music:


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