Violins and Vocals: Megan Cox


On January 8th, New York based indie artist Megan Cox released her first ever full length LP, W. Last March, Cox released two tracks “Circle” and “Haven’t Forgotten” (both which are on the new album) as a prerequisite to her new ten track album. Megan Cox is mostly known for playing violin, synth, and backing vocals for friend and fellow indie artist Charlene Kaye in her band Charlene Kaye and The Brilliant eyes. Cox continues to play with Kaye, but she now has begun doing solo performance, along with her back up instrumentalists. Her new solo album takes her into a direction of her own, nothing like the pop dance tunes that she’s been playing with Charlene Kaye and the other member of the Brilliant Eyes. While, The Brilliant Eyes play Kaye’s rocking, synthy, pop tunes; Megan’s music holds very little similarity.


W takes an eleven member orchestra and fills the room with sweet, soft tinkling brilliance. Her voice is classically striking, yet soft; all the while holding a tone of an indie-esc whimsy. The plucking of beautiful strings mixed with entrancing piano and the resonance of a vibraphone make up the beautiful and entrancing track, “Atlas.” The third track on the album, “Circle” was the first of Megan’s solo work that I had the pleasure of hearing. It’s sweet and gentle and has an essence that could easily be compared to that of the very popular Ingrid Michelson, with a beautiful background of various drum like samples and chord progressions. Both “Knight” and “Don’t Want to Be Loved (By You)” add in the bright, yet sad plucky sounds of a ukulele. “A Pair of Shoes and A Mind” sticks out from the rest, with its more upbeat dance feel; however, it doesn’t go so far as to stray from the rest, still keeping Megan’s sweetness and beauty that are so strong in each of her songs.

Megan Cox’s W is impeccable instrumentation. Her vocal styling is like pixie dust sprinkling over you, lifting you into the air. The entire album feels like you’re being pulled through the pages of a fairy tale. It’s music to sway to, music to dance to, music to sing under your breath, music to scream. This album is so many things mixed into one that it can appeal to any and all music listeners.

Megan Cox performing an acoustic version of her song “Circle”:

for more on Megan Cox and her music:


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