The Strokes: One Way Trigger


Yesterday marked the release of the first song from The Strokes since their 2011 LP, Angles. At the news of a new track from The Strokes, I was elated; however, after listening to the new song titled, “One Way Trigger” my only reaction was, “What did I just listen to?”


If you were to mix the backing jingle of A-Ha’s “Take On Me” with the guitar flicker of David Bowie’s “Modern Love” and throw in a keening falsetto boy-ache trill you would have created the essentials of “One Way Trigger” This new song is nothing like The Strokes of the past, although it does hold some similarity to Julian Casablancas’ 80’s-esc solo record Phrazes for the Young from 2009. The song is like a flash of electroclash fused with gypsy-punk with an appreciation for 8-bit video game music (essentially it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense). Falsetto wining from Julian Casablanca’s (just stick with the baritone, man) and a more than cliché guitar solo from Albert Hammond Jr. wrap up the specifics of the new song. The entire song points for not possessing any of the elements usually associated with The Strokes. Maybe Julian Casablancas and the rest of the band are intent to create a Gogol Bordello meets Duran Duran cover band (Which, why would anyone want to do that?).  “One Way Trigger” is probably good for soundtracking a Weird Science remake or one of the intense scenes from King of Kong or something, but only if we’re going on at least four or more years of synth-based, N64 theme-esc, ’80s-indebted stuff like this. So… let’s hope that doesn’t happen.

Listen to “One Way Trigger” here:

For more on The Strokes:


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