Mia Von Glitz

NOTE: I know that aside from my throwback posts, this blog has mostly consisted of music news and reviews. Starting right now some posts are just going to be about music in general. Meaning, I may write about a certain band or musician even if they have nothing new going on.



Ladies and gentleman, I give you one of my favorite musical ladies: Mia Swier, better known by her stage name Mia Von Glitz.

Any readers of this blog have probably come to notice that I am a follower of a musician named Charlene Kaye. As  an avid music listener, I tend to watch live videos of the bands that enjoy. One day as I perused the internet’s spread of Charlene Kaye videos, I came across a playlist for a show she did in early 2011. This playlist included some footage of her opening act, a New York-based punk band called Shoot the Freak. I quickly took to Shoot the Freak’s music, and searched for anything and everything that they had accomplished in their short-lived career. What stood out most to me about them was their single female member among two men. The bass player and sometimes vocalist seemed to carry herself with a “I don’t give a shit what you think” attitude without coming off as a cocky-bitch (Something I greatly admire from anyone). Sadly, shortly after I discovered the trio, they disbanded. (Check out Shoot the Freak’s music here and here.)

A few months later, Charlene Kaye announced that she was going to be in an all girl Guns & Roses cover band called Guns & Hoses. Charlene would be taking on the roll of Slash, while Mia would be Duff McKagan. Along with three other friends, the women started playing various shows throughout New York and Los Angeles. Unfortunately, due to location I am stuck simply watching Youtube videos, but even then I can tell how awesome these women are. Charlene, who was already on my list of great female musicians was quickly followed by Ms. Von Glitz. Guns & Hoses later announced that they would be doing a non-cover band as well called Leather Tuscadero (a nod to Suzi Quatro’s character on Happy Days). They then released a single back in late December of 2012. The girls are continuing both projects; however, slower than originally, because Mia’s work moved her from New York to LA late last year while the others remain in New York. (Check out Leather Tuscadero here.)

Another Year Over cover art

Guns and Hoses playing “Sweet Child O’ Mine”:

Even though she is still the bass player for both Guns & Hoses and Leather Tuscadero, Mia decided to take on another band when she relocated to LA. The creation of Mad Moon Riot was announced back in January of this year. This time around Mia is not on bass, but instead is front and center as the lead vocalist. Yesterday, the new four member group released their very first track “Running On Empty” which to say the very least was somewhat incredible. Mad Moon Riot is pure rock n’ roll. Mia’s voice is like a theatrical version of Alison Mosshart; I love it. Today, they released their second track “Some Kind of Me” which quickly showed that within only two tracks they can be seriously diverse. Now, I may only be a teenage girl, but my god am I impressed. I can’t wait to see what Mia does in the future. What a babe. (Listen to both tracks from Mad Moon Riot here.)



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