Mad Moon Riot

Photo Credit: Katie Rain

We’ve got a riot in here! In my previous post on musician Mia Von Glitz, I mentioned her newest project Mad Moon Riot. Well, the incredible LA- based rock band has been busy this week and last releasing their first ever songs. Check them out below. They’re pretty fucking incredible.

From there Facebook: “Hailing from the sunny United Kingdom, Matt Hitchens and Ru Hazell moved to LA with a fucked-up dream: to start a rock band with a chick named Mia and a fella named Pou. Quite luckily, they found NYC-implant Mia Von Glitz and Cali-native Pou Piam who fit this odd criteria, and they crew joined together in an unholy union of musical rioting. With Ru’s muscle in the back, Matt’s funked-up basslines in the front, Mia’s hot belts (and bod) and Pou’s shreds, together they are Mad Moon Riot.”  (Edit: On Tuesday evening the group released their fourth track “Feels Like the Way.”)

Follow Mad Moon Riot on Facebook and Twitter.


March 28th Update: Mad Moon Riot released a five-track EP for free on their bandcamp, including the previous four songs plus a new track. Get it here.


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