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Mia Von Glitz

NOTE: I know that aside from my throwback posts, this blog has mostly consisted of music news and reviews. Starting right now some posts are just going to be about music in general. Meaning, I may write about a certain band or musician even if they have nothing new going on. —– Ladies and gentleman, […]

The Strokes: One Way Trigger

Yesterday marked the release of the first song from The Strokes since their 2011 LP, Angles. At the news of a new track from The Strokes, I was elated; however, after listening to the new song titled, “One Way Trigger” my only reaction was, “What did I just listen to?” If you were to mix […]

Live: Freelance Whales

Anyone who knows me knows that I have an extensive love for this particular five member indie rock band. When I first heard their first LP Weathervanes in 2010 I was immediately hooked. Since then, the New York based band has traveled to my area twice, both at times which my parents had yet to […]

Violins and Vocals: Megan Cox

On January 8th, New York based indie artist Megan Cox released her first ever full length LP, W. Last March, Cox released two tracks “Circle” and “Haven’t Forgotten” (both which are on the new album) as a prerequisite to her new ten track album. Megan Cox is mostly known for playing violin, synth, and backing […]

Next Stop: Bleached

It has been a little while since Bleached has released any new tunes (their last release came out in 2011) but on January 8th the sister duo of Jennifer and Jessica Clavin released a new track. The song “Next Stop” is the latest single off their upcoming debut LP Ride Your Heart which is set […]

My Best of 2012

The year of 2012 has brought in an abundance of great new albums, as well as some great reissues. In this post I give you my top ten personal favorite albums that have come out of this year. 1.  Animal Love – Charlene Kaye With Charlene Kaye you will hear dancehall pop, throwback soul, and […]

Tim Burton’s Holiday Soundtracks

With the arrival of Christmas brings Christmas movies and their incredible soundtracks. While many Christmas films contain the classic holiday favorites as their soundtrack, there are a few that bend the rules and end up being left in the dust. Tim Burton’s film soundtracks are always guaranteed to be incredible (I mean with a composer […]