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Summer/ Spring 2013

There has been a lot of news in the music world this summer: videos, albums, singles, and more. Here’s a run down of everything that stuck out to me during this musical summer, as well as a look at some of the live music I experienced: APRIL: The release of Cold War Kids’ Dear Miss […]

A Quick Run Down

Okay, so it’s been over a month since I’ve posted anything. Sorry. That in mind, I’m going to post a quick run down of some things that have happened between then and now. 1. My Bloody Valentine released their first album in 22 years. 2. Charlene Kaye released a new video for her song “Woman […]

A Decade Has Passed and Now Bowie Is Back…

It’s been ten years since the release of David Bowie’s last album, Reality. Ten years to long. Finally, on Tuesday, January 8, the day of his 66th birthday, it was announced that David Bowie would be releasing a new album in March of this year. Being the avid Bowie fan that I am, I totally […]

The M83 Trilogy

In the past few months French synth pop band M83 has been releasing their series of three connected sci-fi music videos. Finally the trilogy has been completed with the release of the video “Wait.” The star gazing sci-fi trilogy has an aura of space and mystery that is not very surprising coming from a band […]

Frightened Rabbit is Alive Now

Earlier this year Frightened Rabbit released a new EP, then followed up with a month long United States tour; but they’re not finished yet.”Dead Now” is the first look at Frightened Rabbits’ forthcoming 2013 full-length album, Pedestrian Verse, recorded in South Wales with producer Leo Abrahams. (Abrahams co-wrote Strange Overtones on David Byrne and Brian […]

Face Paint, Animal Noises, Paper Trees, and Dancing Giraffes.

I can easily say Walk the Moon is currently the biggest band on my mind. Blossoming from the streets of Cincinnati, they are enthralling people across the globe; awing listeners with all that they do. The band managed to self-release an album, tour extensively, and appear at two of the nation’s biggest music festivals last […]

Break Up Ads

On November 13th VH1 released the new music video, “Hard for You” by independent artist, Theo Katzman. Last November, Katzman released his first album, Romance Without Finance. It would only seem fitting to celebrate its month anniversary with an imaginative and whimsical music video. The basis for the “Hard for You” video is, ‘what if you had […]